Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Two Years of Wedded Bliss

On March 3, Rob and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary. Rob surprised me by taking me to San Francisco for the night. We stayed at Mark Hopkins Hotel, had cocktails at The Top of The Mark and had dinner at Fleur De Lys.

The next day we slept in, had lunch at Trattoria Pinocchio and wandered around the Fine Arts Museum at The Palace of the Legion of Honor.

I love my husband more than I could have ever imagined loving someone and I look forward to the many more anniversaries we will celebrate together!

The Mark Hopkins Hotel is at the top of Nob Hill in San Francisco and is absolutely gorgeous! It was pouring down rain when we arrived on Tuesday but was perfect Wednesday morning.

The rainy view from our room

Adding to my obsession with monograms

At the very top of the hotel is one of the most beautiful bars I have been to. It had the most amazing views of the city lights.
We also had a very yummy Mediterranean appetizer.

Fleur De Lys is a French restaurant owned by chef Hubert Keller. It was AMAZING. We had a four course meal (which was actually five or six courses) of the most interesting and most delicious food I have ever had. Except the meals that Rob makes me! They started the meal off with an amuse bouche of Chestnut mousse and the most amazing tiny little corn bread muffin. We had everything from caviar, sea bass mousse, blood sausage and foie gras to salmon, filet mignon, lobster, scallops and beef tartare.

Even the salt they gave to sprinkle on the bread and butter was delicious. Seriously.

After all of that, they brought out our desserts. Oh, wait, I mean our FIVE desserts. We each got a dessert with our courses. Then they brought out a dessert of blood orange mousse (yes, lots of mousse with the French) with "Happy Anniversary" written in chocolate. Yum! Next came the sampler platter of petit fours followed with a plate of fresh baked madeleines with chocolate sauce. Needless to say, I couldn't move for about two hours when we got back to the hotel. Despite the very small portions, there was SO much food! And even though we were stuffed, we just kept eating!

Rob would not let me bring the camera into the restaurant so the pictures of the inside of the restaurant and of the food were "borrowed" from others online. The others were taken the next day.

The ambiance was so romantic

Chestnut mousse and cornbread

Tiny little duck burger

Salmon Souffle with Sea Bass Mousse and Blood Sausage

Charcroute soup

Scallops with gnocci and porcini mushrooms

Quail with sweetbreads

Filet and Lobster with mac and cheese


Petit Fours

Much like our wedding and honeymoon, we had a wonderful Italian lunch after a night of French food. I love the details that Rob puts into his plans.

After lunch, we went to a museum. We both love art and history and had such a great time. It was a beautiful day and the museum over looks the Golden Gate Bridge and half of San Francisco.


We called this the "One Boob Wall." Each paining on the wall had...well, you get it.

Me being silly
The church where Marilyn Monroe married Joe DiMaggio...LOVE HER!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day

We had a wonderful Valentine's Day this year!
We got to spend it with Katie, Juli and Jeff and we just hung out and relaxed!

The beautiful flowers Rob gave me

Yummy cupcakes...funfetti without the fun. Sorry Jeff!

Our little Guitar Hero

The beautiful cookie bouquet that my little sissy made us!
The creative baker